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NMB Bank VISA International:

NMB Visa International card is a travel companion at your service. It lets you spend money around the world at the real time exchange rate. Avoid carrying cash and protect your money by using plastic money with secured PIN based CHIP technology. Save yourself from hidden fees in the exchange.

Apart from managing foreign currency for your travels, you can now carry out online transactions for Hotel Booking and Ride Sharing Platforms like (Uber, Lyft , AirBnB, Booking.com, Agoda).   


Who can Apply for this Card?

  • Any one travelling abroad for business, holiday, educational, medical purposes etc. with the right document.

How do I get one?

  • Nepalese individual must bring following documents together in one of NMB Branch premises:
    • Original Passport
    • Confirmed Ticket
    • VISA of the destination country (If applicable)
    • Photos (PP size)
    • NRB permit (If applicable)
  • 24/7 access of your money anywhere over 1.3 million VISA branded ATM’s & over 35 million VISA merchant retail outlets worldwide.
  • Readily available for payments in groceries, restaurants, shops, accommodation, flights, cabs etc.
  • No need to exchange and carry cash while travelling.
  • Instantly available OR personalized card also be provided upon request.
  • Available through all branches of NMB bank.
  • Validity of five years.
  • Reloadable with immediate access.
  • Easy cash loading.
  • Online purchase facility over the internet merchant portals.
  • Security & comfort through CHIP & PIN thereby eliminating skimming & fraudulent usage.
  • Remaining balance easily refundable.
  • Easily freeze your card if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Card Transaction Limits: As per NRB Directives
Rates & Fees


Particulars Charges
Subcription Fee USD 5.00
Recharge or Reload Fee USD 5.00
Exception Listing Fee (Stop, Unblock) Nil
PIN Reissuance Fee USD 3.00
Card Reissuance or Replacement Fee USD 5.00
From NMB ATM From other ATM
Nil USD 5.00 each withdrawl
From NMB ATM From other ATM
Nil USD 1.00 each withdrawl

*Valid Worldwide except Nepal & India


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