Priority Banking

NMB Priority Banking Lounge
Your convenience has been put to our utmost priority. Hence, to make your banking hassle free and prompt, we have set up a "Privilege Customer Lounge" which is situated in Kantipath, Jamal, Kathmandu. Moreover, with this membership you will be able to enjoy the same special service from all the NMB branches across the country.
Other Services

NMB Bank Limited, operating under the guidelines set by The Government of Nepal and Nepal Rastra Bank (the Central Bank of Nepal), offers one of the safest and the most secured means of money transfer to Nepal. Remitters can send money to NMB Bank from any part of the globe through our correspondent banks.

SWIFT Transfers:
NMB Bank offers fast and reliable money transfer services through SWIFT. Your bank account with us can be credited with remittance from anywhere in the world. The remitter has to mention the NMB Bank's SWIFT Address "NMBBNPKA" and the beneficiary details to transfer money to Nepal through us. We cater the need of customers to remit fund anywhere in the world, denominated in major currencies, through SWIFT.

Western Union:
Western Union Money Transfer is one of the most accepted methods of remitting funds by Nepalese working outside the country. NMB Bank is also a service provider of Western Union. At our Bank, all customers, a/c holders or none a/c holder can receive funds remitted by their relatives and friends from different parts of the world within the short span of time without any hassle.

Demand Draft:
We have draft drawing arrangement with our correspondent banks in different countries in major currencies like US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, INR etc

Sale/Purchase of Foreign Currencies:
At NMB Bank, all customers, a/c holders or none a/c holders, can sell or purchase major foreign currencies like US Dollars, Euro, Australian Dollars and Pound at the prevailing exchange rates.

International Visa Card:
NMB Visa International card is one of an innovative product which will ease the foreign travel of Nepalese people. This card will replace the necessity of carrying physical cash while travelling abroad. This card will be issued on urgent basis, on the same day of request.

Cash Management Services:
NMB Bank provides Cash Management Services in Nepal. Our Bank will help you to collect your bills receivables more efficiently if you are engaged in exporting goods to India. You can enroll yourself for the service and provide details of your buyer in India. Our correspondent bank in India will collect cheque from your buyer and credit your account in a shorter time through us.

Money Transfer Companies:
With tremendous growth of Nepalese working abroad, we have tied up with Money Transfer Companies setting up a reliable time bound service, enabling inflow of foreign exchange earnings to the country with high level of security. You can receive your remittances within short span of time, payment instruction made through in alliance with Money Transfer Companies. The service is available from all Branches of NMB Bank.

Following are the Money Transfer Companies:
• Western Union
• International Money Express

For more details:
Call – 16600 125252 (Toll free number)
Phone No - 4238025/ 4238441/ 4238452/ 4238304
Email –
SMS: Type CALL and send to 37447
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