NMB Bank VISA International Card

NMB Bank VISA International:
NMB Bank International VISA Card is prepaid card which is accepted at all VISA Merchant outlets and 24 hour VISA ATMs worldwide. This card provides easy payment option while travelling abroad.NMB Bank VISA International Card can be issued to a foreign currency accountholder and person travelling abroad using their travelling facility (Foreign currency facility against Passport).

  • NMB Bank International VISA Card is valid up to 2 years, within the validity period you can use your card as often as you like.
  • Card will have preset limit (equivalent to the eligible amount i.e. USD 2,500/- against the valid passport), cardholder can use their card up to the limit.
  • In case the card balance gets exhausted, the cardholder can reload the amount in his/her card against the valid document.
  • Card can be used at any ATM machine connected to Visa Network for cash withdrawal.
  • Card can be used at any POS terminal connected to Visa Network for the purchase of goods and services.
  • Transaction amount will be debited from the card balance on real time of transaction.
  • Along with the card one can also get his/her travel insured by buying travel insurance at an attractive discount from NMB Bank.
  • No more hassle of carrying cash and risk of it being stolen or lost.
  • No more hassle of chasing moneychanger for exchanging cash traveler cheques.
  • Balance reload option.
  • One-stop solution- options of getting travel insured at attractive discount.
  Additional Benefits:
  • NMB Bank's USD cardholderscan avail 5 % cash back on the range of services provided by Samitivej Hospitals, Thailand
Things to remember while using NMB Bank VISA International Card:
  • Sign on the white panel at the back side of the Debit Card (just under the black stripe), and keep the card with you all the time, or in a safe place.
  • A secret PIN code shall be provided separately in a sealed PIN Mailer for operating your Visa Debit Card. For security purpose, you are advised to memorize your PIN code, and destroy the PIN Mailer.
  • Do not write your PIN on your Visa International Card or any documents related to your card that may be easily accessed by another person.
  • Do not bend your NMB Bank Visa International card, as well as do not expose it to extreme heat or electricity. Because NMB Bank Visa International card is magnetically encoded, exposure to aforementioned things will render the card unusable on any electronic terminals.
  • Do not carry out transaction in the presence of second person.
  • If you lose your card, inform the Bank immediately (Toll Free Nos: 16600125252) so that unauthorized transaction can be blocked.
  • Check your account statement on regular basis. In case of any discrepancy, please communicate such transaction to the Bank in writing. All such communication shall be submitted within 30 days of transaction date.
  • Individuals traveling to foreign country for personal or business purpose.
  • Students going abroad for further studies.
  • USD account holders traveling abroad for personal or business purpose.
  • Export account holders traveling abroad for business purpose.
  • Individuals with export income in USD, with NRB approval.
  • Individuals with specific approval from NRB for foreign exchange facility
Documents Required:
For all applicants:
  • Complete application forms
  • Passport and confirmed air ticket
In addition, to the above documents, the following documents shall be obtained regarding the type of applicant:
  • For USD account holders – USD account details
  • For Export account holders – Domestic Company request letter
  • For Students – No Objection Letter from Ministry of Education
Transaction Limit:
Each NMB Bank VISA International card shall be governed by the following limits for transactions:
For cards issued against passport and air ticket:
  • Balance Limit – USD 2,500 (Subject to change as per NRB Regulation)
  • Load/Re-load Limit – USD 2,500 (Subject to change as per NRB Regulation)
For cards issued against USD account holders:
  • Balance Limit – As per customer's request (Less than his account USD balance)
  • Load/Re-load Limit – As per customer's request (Less than his account USD balance)
Additional foreign currency allowed against specific NRB approval to people traveling abroad may also be loaded in the card as per NRB regulations.
Transaction Type Daily Transaction Limit Number of Transactions Per Day
Cash Withdrawal USD 2,500.00 10
POS Transaction USD 2,500.00 10
           Transaction Type                Per Transaction Limit
           Cash Withdrawal                    USD 200.00