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About Credit Card

NMB Bank Credit Card(Nepalese Rupee) is a chip based credit card, featured with Verified By Visa (VbV). You can render service for online payment to selected merchants with the NMB Bank Credit Card.

  • Chip based secured card.
  • Short Term Financing (15-45 days credit facility)
  • Revolving credit facility
  • POS transaction and advance Cash
  • 5 years validity
  • Limit 15K to 250K
  • No need to have an Account at NMB Bank Ltd.
  • Flexible payment option between 10% to 100%
  • Auto Debit Facility
  • Supplementary Card Facility
  • Wide acceptance in India and Nepal
  • E-statement service
  • Should be Nepalese Nationals
  • Minimum age requirement :
    • Primary: 22 years
    • Supplementary: 16years
  • Applicant should not be blacklisted
  • Completed fill application form & KYC
  • Minimum Monthly Income
    • Salaried: Minimum Rs.10,000 with minimum experience of 2 years 
    • Self-employed: Minimum Rs.12,000/- with business in operation  for 3 Years 
Benefits of NMB Bank Credit Card:
  • No more hassle of carrying cash and risk of it being stolen or lost.
  • Saves time for withdrawing cash over the counter.
  • Convenience of accessing account from any ATM/POS 24 hours 365 days a year.
  • Inquire your account balance form any ATM terminals
  • Association with the Global brand of Visa International
Criteria & documentation
  • Professionals & salaried individuals.
    • Annual Salary Certificate from the Employer (At least 2 years of Service).
    • Copy of Citizenship & Latest Photograph.
  • Partnership/Proprietorship/Self-employed
    • Business in operation for 3 Years
    • Company Registration document/s
    • Latest Tax certificate and financial statement
    • Copy Of Citizenship & latest Photograph
Billing and Payment:
  • Statement Date: 25th of every Gregorian calendar month
  • Payment Due Date: 15 working days after statement date.
  • Statement Delivery: E-mail
  • Payment Mode:
    • Cash Deposit
    • Cheque Deposit
    • Auto Debit Instruction