Large Hydro

NMB Bank, with its vision to establish itself as a leader in banking sector by providing a range of financial services, has always prioritized financing in sectors/ projects of national interest. Pursuing its vision and giving high priority to the development of hydropower sector, NMB bank has established separate LARGE HYDRO department only to cater to the financing requirements of Hydro Power Projects.
Nepal, known for its largest inland water resources with high runoff and steep terrain, offers high potential for hydropower development. Efforts from the Government and private sectors for the development of the sector have witnessed dramatic change in last one decade. The prospects of development and its financing pattern have also significantly changed with the increasing involvement independent power producer.  Such involvement of independent power producers and being capital intensive in nature, hydropower power projects requires specialized financial partner who not only provides financial support but also provides technical and other expertise during construction as well as in post construction phase.
NMB Bank, a bank with large capital base, has capability to finance hydropower projects either solely or under consortium arrangement as a lead debt arranger. In order to provide technical support from the inception of hydro projects and at different level of construction up to the finalization, bank is equipped with specialized Energy Team comprising of technical manpower. The team supports projects in their due diligence, finalization of contract papers, construction monitoring and assessment of overall projects. In a nutshell, NMB Bank provides full-fledged hydro power financing services.
Due the fact, bank is currently managing number of projects, most of them under consortium financing arrangement as a lead debt arranger. Capitalizing over its current experience and with the support of specialized technical team, bank sets to become leading hydropower financing partner in Nepal.