E-Payment FAQ

1. Do I have to need subscribe NMB Bank Internet Banking or Mobile Banking mandatorily to pay my bills?

Yes, for bill payment you must subscribe NMB Bank Internet of mobile Banking. Once you are subscribed with internet or mobile banking, your User ID and Password/PIN will be delivered to your registered mobile number or email address.

2. If I have already subscribed NMB Internet or mobile Banking, can I use the same user ID and Password to pay my bill?

Yes you can use your User ID and Password for bill Payment, if you not subscribed the services yet please visit nearest branch and fill up application form.

3. Do I need to know required details for bill payment, what if I don’t have those details? Where do I get those details?

Yes customer details are mandatory information like customer ID, bill amount, mobile number etc. for bill payments, incomplete or wrong information would lead to wrong or unsuccessful payment. If you don’t have such information/details please contact your respective service provider/merchant from where you can get these information/details.