NMB Bank Visa Debit Installment Facility

NMB Bank Debit cardholders having Privilege Saving Account or Fixed Deposit with the Bank can convert their purchase transaction into Equal Monthly Installment (EMI). The first of its kind facility in Nepal will enable the Bank's customer to convert their high value purchase transaction from their Debit card into easy installments.


  • Nil processing fees.
  • Flexible tenure options of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
  • Low Interest rate @ 8%.
  • Leveraging your existing fixed deposits and saving account.
  • Easy processing with no additional documentation.
  • No additional deposit required for converting purchase transaction into installment.


Installment facility shall be available to all Privilege Saving Account customers and Debit Card holders with fixed deposit with the Bank.

Transaction Limit:

Installment facility shall be applicable on all Debit Card transactions above NPR 10,000 and the maximum limit shall be 90% of minimum balance for Privilege Saving Account and to 20% of fixed deposit value for fixed deposits.

The installment facility tenure opted should be less than the fixed deposit maturity date.

How to avail of Installment facility:

Customer does a transaction from NMB Bank Debit Card.

Once the transaction is authorized and payment is successful customer submits duly filled Debit Installment Purchase Facility (DIPA) form available on the Bank website or any of the Bank's branches.

After reviewing the customer's request, the purchase transaction will be converted into installment and reversal of amount will be credited in the saving account.

Monthly installment shall be deducted from the customer saving account on due date.