NMB Bank Mero Wish

NMB Mero Wish is a SPECIAL recurring deposit product, which allows you to enjoy deposit flexibility of a savings account with interest rates of FD. NMB Mero Wish doesn't compel you to deposit money every month like in any other recurring deposit account rather gives you the freedom to route your savings as and when you like.
All you need to do is share your wish with us, set a goal amount you would like to save. NMB Mero Wish then will give you an opportunity to reach the set goal within the time frame fixed by you with complete flexibility in deposit while you enjoy better returns equivalent to FD of applicable tenor.
  • Tenor: 6 months to 6 years
  • Interest Rate: Equivalent to respective tenor's FD
  • Interest Calculation: On Daily Balance
For more details please visit nearest branch or call us at 4246160