Money Back

Under this plan, customer can get specific percent of sum assured at pre-decided interval during the policy tenure. There are different products for this plan offered by different insurance companies where policy term fixed to 10, 15, 20 & 25 years. In some cases, premium payment year is lower than policy term year. Generally, Money back interval is 4 or 5 year. It means after end of every 4 or 5 (depending on insurance company) , customer can get defined percentage of sum assured and coverage remains the same.
  • This is an anticipated endowment policy where all the benefits of endowment  is available.
  • Premium Term shall be as 10, 15, 20 and 25 Years.
  • Partial Payments shall be made in specific interval  ( Every Four year or Five Years )
  • Bonus shall be paid at the maturity.
  • Full coverage remains the same even partial payments made.
  • In Case of Death:  Nominee of insured is eligible to get total sum assured amount plus bonus of policy run period. Nominee shall get total sum assured with bonus even if survival befits paid to insured earlier.
  • In Case of Maturity: Customer (Insured) can get sum assured amount plus total accumulated bonus of total policy term. Survivable Benefits shall be paid at pre-defined intervals before the maturity.

Basic Criteria :
  • Minimum Entry Age: 16
  • Maximum Entry Age: 60 (depends as per insurance company
  • Term Period: Minimum 10 year to Maximum 25 Year
  • Sum Assured Amount: Minimum 1 Lakh and no limit for maximum Sum Assured
  • Rider: Accidental Death Benefit, Permanent Total Disable Benefit and Premium Waiver Benefit
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