Manyajan Bachat Khata

Manyajan Bachat provides you with the opportunity of ensuring a better future for coming generations while assuring the best returns for your deposit in your golden years.

Minimum Balance: NIL
Interest Rate
Eligibility: Any individual above 50 years and above

  • High Interest rates on your savings. Interest in this account is calculated on a daily balance basis and capitalized on monthly basis.
  • Free Internet Banking for the first two years to help you utilize and experience fund transfer, bill payment, monitor your account from anywhere and anytime at your own comfort.
  • 365 Days Banking Facility in selected branches (Kantipath and Sitapaila) at your service.
  • VISA credit card and mobile banking for your advanced banking needs.
  • Payment of PSTN & Post-Paid mobile bills comfortably.
  • Free Cheque Book for your cash withdrawals.
  • Free Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS) up to NPR 100K for your convenience.
  • Free Account Statement to monitor your accounts.
  • Free issuance of balance certificate for travel, study or other purposes.
  • 50% Discount on good for payment to assure you of our support.
  • 25% Discount on loan administration fee to help you and your family while processing credit facilities.
  • Debit Card charges : Rs.500 flat for 5 years (if paid in lump sum); Rs.750 charged,if paid in installment (i.e Rs.150 per year for 5 years)                                
  • No Charges on cash withdrawal and balance inquiry from NMB ATMs.
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal facility to give you the ease in experiencing banking services.
  • 24/7 access to cash through ATM Network so that your funds can be easily obtained in the time of need in a secured place.
  • 10 paisa premium benefit in case of inward remittance to account to honor our manayajan customers.

Hospitals Tie ups:
  • Grande International Hospital Limited  would provide  7.5% discount  on bed charges, investigations, nursing charges and  Procedures.
  • Vayodhya Hospitals would provide 15% discount  on bed charges, pathology, X Ray ,CT Scan , EEG, ECG, ECHO, TMT, USG and Doppler.
  • Vivanta  Dental hospital would provide 20% discount  to Manyanjan card holder.

(All the deposit accounts opened at NMB Bank Limited are insured by Deposit and Credit Guarantee Corporation of Nepal up to NPR 200,000 per account holder)